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My work place is half of a double garage.  It is a narrow, dusty place.  From time to time I raise the garage door and use a leafblower to send the dust and chips outside.  A neighbor rushed over recently to ask if the place was on fire.  And so it goes. 

I use POWER TOOLS...mostly Sears Craftsman "All In One" with a flex cable and tungsten carbide bits/burrs.  I typically use  flame-shaped and cone-shaped bits and also a diamond bit and rotary tool sanding drum.   Early on in my woodcarving career the family doctor told me that I had arthritis in every joint of my body.  I turned to power tools so I could continue to carve.  In 1983 there were only a limited number of rotary power tools, books, and equipment available.  Since that time "Power Carving" has expanded until most woodcarvers make use of the tool in some way.  The power tool is especially useful for busy people.  It takes just as much ability to use the power tool as it does to use the traditional knives and chisels and it requires a fraction of the time to do it. Michelangelo would have used one if it had been available! The bits/burrs are long lasting.  You can be as simple or as complicated with Power Carving as you wish to be. Like any other power tool, you have to learn the techniques and  possibilities.

Comment:  The heavy duty "All In One" rotary tool can be slowed down by making use of a transistorized dimmer that can be purchased at your nearby discount store.  It is very important to hang the rotary tool above you and to the side to prevent putting the flex cable in a bind.  You can come up with your own device for doing this.  I recommend the "aluminum bar clamps" that can be purchased at Harbor Freight and adapted to hold four rotary tools. They are offered in several lengths and the price is right.  For several years now I have been demonstrating power carving at the Annual Show of the Pearl River Woodcarvers Guild at the Ag Center on Lakeland Dr in Jackson, MS.  If you have questions, you can contact me about Power Carving .

In The Workshop